Uncover a list of Ranked and Prioritized Insights that hold the highest Martket Potential for Success.

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The QualQuant Signals ’Go-To Market' suite of research solutions tackles the study objectives within one project using an integrated ‘all-in-one’ methodology that does not require multiple steps to weave the insights together.

  • Choose the best entry-point to enter the development phase with.
  • Identify core terms/expressions that can be implemented into the communication strategy.
  • Isolate optimizations and direction for each tested stimulus with insight into why it is or is not consumer-friendly.


    • Will the brand be positively or negatively impacted by the planned strategy?
    • Is the copy or visual design making an impact?
    • How can I improve the design to be more impactful?
    • What are the key influencers/barriers to performance?


    • Name Testing
    • Logo, Claims or Tagline Testing
    • Feature Testing
    • Market Readiness Testing