Amplify the market signals that will speed up product adoption and prioritize the next steps for development!

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QQS’s Early-Stage Testing is designed to speed up future market adoption by amplifying the most meaningful market/consumer signals that will breakthrough and resonate among shoppers. The testing prioritizes what should be incorporated into the product formulation and ensures predictable results by seeking immediate peer-to-peer approvals that...

  • Identifies whitespace opportunities to close category gaps
  • Maximizes chances of success by reducing type I & II testing errors
  • Removes 'group thinking' from the research process
  • Reveals Market Expectations with organic expressions
  • Co-Creation happens in a controlled environment, reacting to viable R&D options.

The final study output uses a Market Potential Priority Map to isolate the winning NPD ideas to provide direction on where to spend your time, resources and capital.


  • Idea Generation & Co-Creation
  • Awareness & Usage Testing
  • Whitespace Landscaping
  • Market Segmentation
  • Product Development & Concept Testing


Feeding the innovation process with misdirected ideas could prove to be a very costly affair. In order to increase chance of success, QualQuant Signals approaches innovation from a ‘wisdom of the crowd’ perspective, bringing in a disciplined approach to the product development process.

The result: We simultaneously uncover and prioritize the ideas that have the strongest market reach and strength that will differentiate enough to stand out from the rest.

  • Customer expectations are revealed.
  • Key issues to address (organic expressions) are quantified.
  • Customer co-creation happens in a controlled environment, reacting to viable options.
  • Less favorable ideas are traded off based on what’s important and what’s not.


  • What are the category and my brand’s pain points to focus in the shorter term vs. longer term?
  • What should I do next to grow market-share?
  • What new brand elements, features or services will grab the most attention?
  • What future improvements will meet expectations and convert customers?


QualQuant Signals’ Whitespace Landscaping is applied to many areas and is commonly used for Ideation/Extension Ideas, Customer Co-Creation, Concept Development/Testing, and applied throughout the new product development process.

Our methodology eliminates potential user/survey respondent error that often takes place with other testing modalities, ultimately ensuring more predictable results. All other research methodologies require multiple steps/studies to cover the breadth and depth of topics for investigation (Whitespace + New Category Opportunities + Specific Product Ideas) and often do not generate insights with immediate priorities showing where to ‘act’ with the most chance of success.

QQS’s proven approach is beneficial for Innovation, Marketing and Research teams because it aims to:

  • Provide more powerful & predictable results by seeking immediate peer-to-peer approvals
  • Reduce the chance of selecting the wrong direction for development by decreasing type I & II errors
  • Identify whitespace opportunities to close any category gaps
  • Uncover and define emerging trends within the category
  • Isolate and co-create new product ideas to make a greater impact


  • What are the potential gaps and barriers that might prevent category adoption?
  • What are the unmet market needs, frustrations and barriers to overcome?
  • What behaviors influence purchase decisions or a deeper brand interaction?
  • Where and how can I reach my target audience?
  • What future improvements will meet expectations and convert customers?