Uncover brand communications, messages or positioning that will hold the strongest influencing power to speed up market wear-in and acceptance.

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With QQS Testing, learn how to optimize executions and select the winning communications that will be met with the highest market acceptance. In order to rank ad or message performance, a proprietary quantitative benchmarking system called the ‘Market Readiness Score (MRS)’ will be applied to provide comparative rankings that will determine the level of market-readiness.

  • Identify which ads/messages have the highest market potential
  • Uncover optimizations to enhance the likelihood of adoption
  • Identify the leading messages/creatives and reasons why they are strongest
  • Uncover the reasons why lowest performers are lagging


  • Which is the best performing communication strategy and why?
  • What are the key optimization points that will increase consumer confidence and wallet-share?
  • What are the key consumer attitudes about branding effect and actions taken post-viewing the communication tested?


  • Creative/Copy Testing
  • Video Testing
  • Brand Positioning
  • Message Testing
  • Benefits, Services or Promotions Testing