Our Core Values

Increased Speed Increased Research Rigor Immediate ‘Act On’ Priorities

Our solutions are designed to offer the following features to our end-clients:

  • Shortens research lifecycles for quicker project turnaround
  • Provides one survey with the best of both worlds (Qual + Quant)
  • Uses question types that simulate the "real world" decision-making process
  • Identifies unmet needs & future market expectations
  • Minimizes market risk by enhancing research rigor


Our Differentiators

We tackle an iterative approach to testing through just one session, one study, one approach that will not require multiple steps to weave the overall “story” together.

  • Hybrid QualQuant Questions:
    Making Smarter, Prioritized Decisions
  • Market Readiness Score:
    Benchmarking & Assessing Market Acceptance
  • Dashboard & Real Time Monitoring:
    Guaranteeing that Project & Brand Objectives are Met
  • Smart & Engaging Survey Techniques:
    Increasing Response Rates

The prowess of our collective human intelligence, combined with our patented qual/quant algorithm, sets our clients on a decision-making path.  A path with: concrete direction, solidified priorities, and a path that quickly builds market success.



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